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tv   Action News 500 PM  ABC  August 19, 2014 5:00pm-5:31pm EDT

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was rushed to the hospital in pennsylvania in critical condition, here is more from the hero rescuers. >> me and another guy took a rock and broke the glass and then i seen her feet in there dangling. i didn't know if she was alive or had an air pocket or something. i don't know. i just flipped into rescue mode, she was already unconscious, i pulled her out, and i gave her cpr. >> were you amazed that civilians stepped in to help. >> prior to our arrival, it was great. even their strength, once we got here myself and officer logan and casey, we did what we had to do. >> yes, those were officers from the 12th police district back live here on the scene, you see the large tow truck, it was quite a job to get the vehicle
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out of creek, 50 feet below, and the victim that is not identified. from the university of pennsylvania, critical but alive. one witness called jumping in the creek angels. it put in the same situation. live here in south philadelphia, live along cobb's creek back to you guys. >> chopper 6 hd over this developing story. it happened at 3:30 this afternoon. the roof of for pete's sake, partially collapsed and the apartment as above, despite the damage nobody was hurt. the personal information of millions of hospital patients are compromised in a data breach and it's affecting people in our region, walter perez is live
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outside of phoenixville hospital and that is one that is affected by this breach, walter. >> that is right, reporting specifically about the local hospitals affected but in total this affects 206 hospitals in 29 states, 20 in pennsylvania alone. >> community health systems is one of the largest in the u.s. that alone makes it a prime target for hackers. >> the more data there is and the more sought after that data will be for an attacker. going after a single individual or company. yesterday it was announced that personal information from 4.5 million of personal information was stolen by a group. the hackers now have access to the names, addresses and social security numbers of anyone that was treated in community health system's network or referred
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there by a doctor in the past five yours as of this past june. if you are a victim, the only thing you can do now is keep an eye on your personal accounts. >> i don't know, the damage is done at this point, your name is what it is, and your social security is what it is. now they are part of the network that includes chestnut hill hospital and pots wood medical center and phoenixville hospital and jennersville regional. we spoke with people outside of phoenixville, who said you can't help but feel vulnerable when asked to submit personal information. >> some how they always seem to get in no matter how protected you are. >> everybody asks for your social security now, a good example is my mortgage company,
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they ask for my social security number. i don't know who i am talking to. >> no credit card information or data was included in the breach, and we reached out to community health systems in tennessee to talk about possible remediation. reporting from phoenixville, walter perez, channel 6 "action news." >> thank you. a philadelphia police officer is now recovering tonight after a shootout in tacony, that left the suspect dead. officers responded to a man with a gun, on ditman street. police spotted 29-year-old david ellis because he matched the description of the suspect, officer karpalski was grazed in the head during that exchange and was treated and released late this morning. the archbishop of st. louis, says a mass for peace and justice will offer prayers for ferguson, missouri, after more
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protests overnight in the shooting of teenager, michael brown, at least two people were shot and 31 arrested last night. attorney general, eric holder will head there tomorrow. lets head live to ferguson and hear the latest from marcy gonzales. >> the national guard is still standing guard watching over this police command center, we are waiting to hear if the curfew will be reinstated tonight. >> today relative quiet on the streets of ferguson after yet another night of violent clashes between demonstrators and police. >> shots fired at officers who responded with tear gas. >> there is a dangerous dynamic in the night, it allows a small number of agitated to create
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chaos. >> of the 31 people arrested only four were from ferguson, more than a dozen others came from out of state to join the protests that start as peaceful demonstrations calling for action after the shooting of an unarmed teenager more than a week ago. >> officer darren wilson, who killed michael brown, shooting him six times in hiding the officer's friend says he is struggling with what happened. >> i can never imagine him shooting anyone even as a police officer. i can tell that this is really hard on him. >> the grand jury could start hearing evidence in this case as early as tomorrow. we learned that michael brown's funeral is held on monday. >> live in ferguson, missouri, marcy gonzales, channel 6 "action news." >> in st. louis today, less than five miles from ferguson, officers shot and killed a
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23-year-old man who refused to drop a knife. officials say that police opened fire when the man ghana approaching them with a knife. a massive rescue operation is underway in arizona after floodwaters have taken over in the phoenix area, several inches of rain fell in an hour in the phoenix area this morning. that prompted a flash flood warning and several drivers had to be rescued from their cars and others were plucked from their rooftops when they couldn't get out of their homes. so far no injuries have been reported in this massive flooding. >> and there will be much more on all of these still developing national stories coming up tonight on world news with diane sawyer at 6:30. excitement is building as our taney dragons are gearing up tomorrow for their game at the little league world series, their own teachers are behind
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them. the action cam stopped by spring side academy today. apparently she brings that same laser folk taos class. >> there are so many parallels, her determination and not wanting to give up on something, she cecily tyn sets her eyes fo watch out. >> she has landed on the cover of the new "sports illustrated." chad pradelli will have live reports from williams sport tomorrow as the taney dragons take on las vegas. >> while the philadelphia school district continues to face enormous financial challenges, one local organization is making sure a school is ready for students when they start the new academic year, lisa thomas-laury has that story. >> more than 150 volunteers were
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busy at dunbar academy, making improvements to the school building inside and out. >> this is part a planter and we'll stack them in the pyramid shape to enjoy the color of the flowers we put in them. >> the fence will be painted since it has got and rusty over time. >> and to make sure that the students can enjoy a game of hop scotch on fall afternoons. the people helping them is the charitable arm of the goldberg group. part of php's volunteer and adopt a school programs. >> we do a community event every month, and employees take their time off from work to help as i am today to provide community service. >> on the rooftop, old basketball hoops and backboards will be replaced with new ones and several classrooms are painted and a new kitchen is
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installed to transform the teachers lounge. >> it's all being done to make sure the school is a welcoming environment for the nearly 2,000 students that come here september 8th. renovating the school like library is a task that the teachers have taken on. they are kind of out of sync, so we put them back alphabetical order and it allows kids get back to the task of reading. >> volunteers say they have even bigger plans for next year. >> lisa thomas-laury, channel 6 "action news." nice efforts. time for a check of the "action news" traffic report. lets return to matt pellman in the traffic center. >> just as lisa was talking about cleaning up, they finished cleaning up the vehicle fire in upper merion from the schuylkill westbound to henderson road, all that is left is a pile of ash.
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the schuylkill is still a bit slow from the blue route to this point. from the henderson ramp to south gulph road. not done cleaning up this hazmat spill at 114 at vinny's and chester springs, you can squeeze by but there are restrictions. you are getting by on the vine street expressway but boy is it slow, from the schuylkill to broad street, westbound is backing up as you can see. quite substantially approaching 76, by allegheny, there is a wreck. cobb's creek parkway closed and woodland avenue a good alternate and the septa trolleys, route 18, you are riding the buses instead. because of downed wires and in palmyra, a crash near the tacony palmyra bridge.
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>> there is more to come here on "action news" at 5:00. >> students in one iowa district will wear heart monitors in gym class, the devices are sparking a debate. well, it was another dry and seasonable summer day and i am tracking the potential for downpours. i'll have when in the accuweather forecast.
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breaking news from the felton view section of philadelphia, from the scene of a motorcycle accident that shut down a part of roosevelt boulevard. by rising sun, in the outer lanes frmg the motorcyclist is still on the scene and crews are working on him. no word on his condition, all northbound lanes are blocked on rising sun at the crash scene. they will continue to update this, and the condition of that motorcyclist. >> health check tonight, a new device is tested to relieve cluster headaches.
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they are more painful than migraines.adaches. lets go to registered nurse and reporter, ali gorman. >> reporter: the pain from migraine headaches are said to be excruciating. they last from a few minutes to several hours. doctors hope that a new high tech device will help. >> they hit hard near the temple area, and it feels like someone stabbing behind my temples. >> for years he suffered from cluster headaches, when they hit, he has to sit down and wait until they go away. paul was the first to volunteer to try a new device intended to short circuit the headache. the small wire runs from the stimulater to the nerves associated with cluster headaches. when a headache begins, paul simply turns the stimulater on.
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>> up to their cheek with this device like are you talking on a cellular phone. >> it's reversible, are you not destroying or cutting or chemcly burning the structure. it's still intact. >> researchers believe that this device will work and right now they are in the early testing stage, the ohio state medical university was the first to use the device but other hospitals will also do trials, no word if any local hospitals will have it. >> and also today, an effort to make sure that some middle and high school students are getting physically fit in education class is sparking debate. you see the yellow circles under their name. every time you hit the zone you earn a badge now students in
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dubuque, iowa, they will have to wear the badge and they will be posted on a board, teachers are testing them out and school officials say they will account for a good portion of their grade. and they say it creates unhealthy kpetdition. >> we want to know what you think on my facebook page. one calls it a valuable assessment tools, and one saying the schools don't have money for this and it should be the child's parent's responsibility. you can post your thoughts on my facebook page. a woman who loves to share her passions. grandma! mary has atrial fibrillation, an irregular heartbeat not caused by a heart valve problem. that puts her at a greater risk of stroke.
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mcdonald's is hoping to attract coffee lovers at supermarkets make wide. it plans to start selling its packaged coffee early next year. they are partnering with kraft foods to distribute the ground and bean coffee and sell single cup coffee pods.
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senator tom carpenter was honored for his work with the disabled. he received the champion award from the center. he has
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time now for accuweather at the "action news" big board, cecily tynan is tracking a cool down coming. unsettled weather on the way for a gorgeous day on sky 6, from cape may and lots of sunshine and surface up for an on shore flow, pushing water on the beaches and moderate risk of rip currents. listen to the lifeguards, don't go swimming when a lifeguard is on duty. 77 degrees on the beaches and philadelphia 83 and a high of 85 and wilmington 81 degrees, allentown 83. satellite 6 along with action radar showing a line of low pressure along the great lakes and typically you see that lift up to the north and east and a blocking pattern, one low pressure that is spinning towards halifax, this will deflect the low pressure to the south and east.
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and as we head through thursday and that will bring us the possibility of some showers and thunderstorms especially west of philadelphia. future tracker showing tomorrow we have a few clouds, although williamsport for the little league world series could have some showers and thunderstorms during the game. this model showing a lot of these showers will have a tough time working east of philadelphia, so the i-95 corridor and areas west will likely see the most rain from the system. 3:00 heavy downpours continuing into the evening hours and behind this we'll be slow to clear on friday. so the eagles preseason home game, looking a little bit iffy, mostly cloudy and the possibility of showers, kickoff temperatures 78 and by the fourth quarter 74 degrees, the call from accuweather, a cool night and seasonable, 67 in , ans, yphia and 60 in allentowh
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